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high-touch bespoke support

want a business mentor, bestie and partner rolled into one to help you fall back in love with your business?

want to take your business to that next level but don't know where to start or need accountability and answers?

want to create a bespoke marketing strategy that you fell confident in and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

Do you

You have your high converting funnels all set up, so you're generating leads in your sleep (literally)

You have someone with experience on hand to help you hire your first (or second or third) team member

You have clear and concise answers to everything you've been questioning

You have the time and capacity to prioritise your own business so you're always showing up with conviction

You wake up every morning, knowing you have a solid marketing strategy in place and a business you adore 

imagine this:


1:1 elite mentorship

HIGH TOUCH BESPOKE SUPPORT TO provide you with high-touch, bespoke mentorship covering all aspects of YOUR business and marketing.

X8 Private 1:1 calls for bespoke support. We'll breakthrough any mindset barriers together and create a bespoke strategy so you're not leaving money on the table


I'll keep you on track and hold you accountable throughout the two months we spend together. 

X3 days of Whatsapp support each week to bounce ideas around and answer any questions you might have in between our calls. 

We will get clear on your direction, reframe your mindset and identify your long-term vision.

We will put together a killer lead magnet that will attract ideal clients and that will help to build your mailing list.


Then we work on getting crystal clear on your AUDIENCE and who you want to serve so we can map out your offers.

We start by talking about your goals and getting deep into your MINDSET by banishing any imposter thoughts + building unshakeable confidence. 




We’ll then focus on your MARKETING. You'll finally have the time, systems and headspace to push your own personal brand and grow your business through your own marketing (both paid and organic).


Finally, we dive into the AGENCY business model, so you can step out of a 'job' and into CEO mode, so you can work ON your business, not IN it. 


and I was a freelance social media manager for over 10 years.

I spent over a decade as a freelance social media manager, charging just £300 per month and struggling to make ends meet.

When I fell pregnant in the middle of a pandemic, we didn't have enough money for our own place, and after a traumatic birth, I was in the hospital bed scrambling to get back to client DM's for a client that paid me what worked out as about £10 per month. 

This is when I knew something had to change...

So when my son Lorenzo was 3 months old, I started an Instagram page and I turned my social media freelance services into a BRAND.

I took £100k in the first 12 months and built an amazing team of seven powerhouse women. 

I finally had the flexibility to work and live on MY terms. I started earning £10k+ months, working from wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and had a trusted team to rely on for day to day tasks.

Now with two gorgeous babies, I'm more determined than ever to teach ambitious mama's how to build a social media agency, so you can have uncapped income, time freedom, and show your kid's that we can have a life of money AND freedom. We don't have to sacrifice either of those things. 

I'm Lucia,

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1:1 elite mentorshhip

8X private coaching calls

3x days of whatsapp support tues / wed / thurs every week

intentional goal setting and accountability

in depth feedback and review of any materials or content

access to social media manager school plus the fb community

honest and open conversations about where you might have money leaks

mapping out your lead magnet funnel so your biz can run on autopilot

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