Social Media Manager School

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Maybe you've TRIED starting up as a social media manager but have no idea how to really get it off the ground?




Do you want to say goodbye to relying on your partner's income?

If any of these are you, then keep reading because you're in the right place...

Do you wish you COULD have complete freedom to live + work entirely on your own terms? 

You can book spontaneous trips away with your family and work from your phone🌴

You can go to the salon or spa knowing you're getting payments whilst you have your weekly blow dry...


You can bring in extra CASH OR AN EXTRA £5K every without having to go out to work...

You can work just a few hours a day and spend the rest of your time being a full time MUM

...Guess what?

 then Social Media Manager School teaches the step-by-step roadmap to achieve all of this.
Join me and 30+ students for my signature course. It's full of easy-to-follow video trainings, workbooks, action steps and templates for you and your new clients. PLUS an incredible community and live Q+A's every other week!

If you want to make this your reality,

social media




the online course for mum's that want to set up a business as a social media manager. 

This course will give you not just all of the tools you need to set yourself up as a social media manager but the motivation to get started today and give yourself a life of freedom to spend more precious time with your family. 

Regardless of your experience, with the right training, support and passion you can become a successful social media manager. 

You can start this business and start earning money straight away without having to sacrifice any time with your family. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry and a six figure social media agency under my belt, I can help you get there.

What most women I've spoken to get wrong, is they think you have to have experience in managing social media, but it's just not true. 

You just have to enjoy it, and be willing to learn and put the work in to get results. That's it!

i'm in! let's do it

so if you want to learn about...

✨ Building a successful social media business that brings in EITHER A BIT OF EXTRA CASH OR £5K A MONTH (erm, life changing much?!)



✨ WorkING less hours and earnING more money with my tried + tested business model

✨ OvercomING limiting beliefs so you can charge your worth

✨ Save hours of your time with my ready to use plug-n-play templates (unlock 80+ templates inside the course!)

You'll also be part of a community of like-minded soul-mama's building up their social media knowledge with our private Facebook community. Me and my team will be on-hand to answer any of your questions, celebrating your wins and sharing any course updates (you get LIFETIME access and therefore any updates are automatic for you!)

I'll also be showing up in there for a LIVE Q+A every other week to ensure you're being supported and held accountable, we want to see you getting the RESULTS!

"So I signed 3 new clients this month. Since only implementing one of your strategies I'm now just £200 away from my monthly salary. Btw she found me through my content, from what you taught me!"

"Just received my first invoice since joining, earned back what I paid and more. I can't thank you enough."

"I signed another two clients since joining on the higher pricing you taught! So glad I did that!"

"I just want to say I have completed Social Media Manager School and loved every minute of it. I went to Uni twice and dropped out because I couldn't focus but I have NEVER felt so enthusiastic and engaged than with this course. Thank you so much for helping me get started with a career that I LOVE."

"Can you make more courses! I love learning from you. I have ADHD and find the course so easy to follow, thank you!"

"4 weeks after investing in your course I've already earned my money back and an extra £1500, she signed £500 a month for 3 months!"

What's Included

Inside this course you'll learn my proven methods to unlocking your new successful career as a social media manager.

Keep The Money Comin'

How to consistently land new clients through content + actionable strategies so you can hit your revenue goals, month after month.  

Packages & Pricing

We'll dive deep into getting behind pricing that will help you achieve £5k months with the least resistance and get your packages set to perfection.

Finding Your Target Audience

We'll cover everything you need to know about choosing a niche and attracting an audience of ideal clients..

Mindset Work

How to open your money mindset to receive what you're so, so capable of. We'll talk about showing up as the BOSS you are!

i'm in! let's do it





👉 Social Media Manager Starter checklist 
👉 Social Media Manager Daily, Weekly & Monthly checklist
👉 Content calendar to use for your clients
👉 30 Day done-for-you content calendar for YOU!
👉 My profit calculator to help you keep track of your revenue & profit
👉 DM messaging guide to help you get new clients through the door just by using your DM's
👉 Facebook & IG Ad copy templates 
👉 Facebook & IG Ad graphics templates 
👉 25 lead magnet ideas for Social Media Managers 
👉 A tried and tested email workflow template for your lead magnet
👉 Portfolio template for potential clients
👉 Package Pricing template
👉 New Client Enquiry Form
👉 Client Invoice 
👉 Client Contract 
👉 Onboard Emails
👉 Offboard Emails
👉 Brand Assets Form for New Clients
👉 End of Month Report Presentation

10+ modules with easy to follow video trainings
Action steps after every module to keep YOu on track
Daily, weekly + monthly checklists
Private Facebook group access
Live q+a every other week inside the private facebook community
BONUS content creation training with our Canva expert 
BONUS Paid ads training with our Facebook ads expert
BONUS Linkedin training with Linkedin expert
Content Bundle with 50+ instagram templates

You'll learn through...


i'm in! let's do it

AKA The Social Girl, and I spent over a decade as a freelance social media manager.

When I fell pregnant with my son in the middle of a pandemic, we had to leave our rented house. I had to live back with my parents + there was no way I could take any maternity leave. I didn't make enough money to outsource any team members and if I had time off, who would run the accounts?

After a traumatic birth, I was in the hospital bed scrambling to get back to client DM's for a client that paid me £300 per month.

This is when I knew something had to change.

So when my son Lorenzo was 3 months old, I finally decided to make a change. I started an Instagram page and I turned my social media freelance services into a business.

I took £100k in the first 12 months and built an amazing team of seven powerhouse women.

I finally had the flexibility to work on my own terms, earning £10k-£20k months from my phone without having to sacrifice any time with my family.

learn more about ME

I'm Lucia,

Payment Options


- 10+ video trainings (+ any updates to the course for life!)

-CHECKLIST FOR every module to HOLD you accountable

- Private Facebook group community

- Live HOT SEAT Q+A with Lucia every other week 

- BONUS content creation training with our Canva expert 

- BONUS Paid ads training with our Facebook ads expert

- BONUS Linkedin training with Linkedin expert

- Content Bundle with 50+ instagram templates

- 10+ new client templates


one-time payment

3 X £184

payment plan

Choose the best payment option for you:


- 1 month private coaching with lucia

- 16+ video trainings (+ any updates to the course)

-Checklists after every module to keep you accountable

- Private Facebook group community

- Live Q+A with Lucia every other week 

- BONUS content creation training with our Canva expert 

- BONUS Paid ads training with our Facebook ads expert

- BONUS Linkedin training with Linkedin expert

- Content Bundle with 50+ instagram templates

- 10+ new client templates


one-time payment

3 X £333

payment plan

Choose the best payment option for you:

  • We start by getting deep into your MINDSET. We work on banishing any imposter thoughts + build UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE so you can manage a team and scale your business to new heights that you couldn’t dream of without stepping into your brand new BOSS mindset.

  • Then we'll dive deep on getting crystal clear on your AUDIENCE so we can get inside their heads by optimising your content, your copy and then building up your dream clientele list.

  • We’ll get laser focused on your MARKETING. Getting you so well positioned through your personal brand, the Kardashian’s will be jealous. 

  • Finally, we dive into the AGENCY business model so you can step OUT of a job, and into CEO, by perfecting your packages, RAISING YOUR DAMN PRICES, outsourcing and hiring a dream team, so you can work ON your business, not IN it. 

All my mastermind clients will get weekly live coaching PLUS 1:1 coaching right in their back pocket through the Voxer support, so we can discuss content planning, copy feedback, outsourcing issues, coaching on goals, strategy, and more - on the daily. 

Plus there’ll be monthly mindset therapy calls to ensure you're coping with organisation, time blocking, managing your team effectively, as well as guest expert sessions. YES all of that every single month. 

And best of all? You’ll be part of a community of other high level women entrepreneurs.

Then THE PLATINUM PACKAGE is the way to get my brain on you and your business and my EXCLUSIVE, 1 ON 1 mentorship TO get you to multi-6 figures within your business.

So, are you ready to say YES to your future boss self? 

Ready to pull yourself out of your solo social media manager biz and turn it into an agency?

With the platinum package, you get access to social media manager school and you're automatically signed up to my 12 week m.a.m.a mastermind container. where IN JUST 12 WEEKS YOU'LL LEARN my proven METHOD TO BUILDING A SIX FIGURE social media AGENCY. So you can  become the visionary of your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What results should I expect?

If you apply everything I teach and stay consistent with the work, you will start to see results within 8 weeks. But you HAVE to put the work in and keep at it! I even offer a FULL REFUND if you don't feel you're getting your money's worth (that's how strongly I feel about the value of this course!)

How long does SMMS last?

Social Media Manager School is designed for you to work through in your own time, lots of students start seeing results within 8 weeks! You have lifetime access to the course and can apply all of the lessons at your own pace! The templates included will be used for your entire career, and you'll get FREE access to any updates of the course forever.

What if I've never done social media management before. Will SMMS still suit me?

The programme is suitable for those already well on their SMM journey, but it's also the perfect place for those with no experience at all! 

I already have clients, will this course help me?

Absolutely, we go deep into positioning yourself as an expert to ensure you're attracting even more dreamy clients. We also work on how to outsource and build your team so you're always scaling your business.

What information is there for starting out your business as a social media manager?

I've taken into account there will be students starting from scratch so I've put together a starting out checklist for you and the modules are in order of how to get started as an SMM all the way to how to start hitting those £5k months! 

what are the payment plan options?

You can pay in full for £497 or pay in 3 x installments for just £184! 

How much time do I need to see success?

Get stuck right into it and apply everything you learn, and within 8 weeks you'll start seeing results.

What happens if the course gets updated?

We know how things can change with social media, so we will always be keeping up to date and updating the course and all students will get automatic updates for free! And your access is FOREVER!

What's the set up of the course, will it be ok if I possibly miss sessions and could I catch up?

You will get immediate access to all of the trainings including video trainings, templates, workbooks, checklists & more! The course is designed for you to work your way through in your own time. However you will get support from me and a LIVE Q+A session every other week inside the private Facebook group so you have personal support from myself, my team and all the other students forever!

is this an 8 week course?

The course is available to you forever, but if you put the work in and implement what I teach you should start to see results within 8 weeks or less.

Does the course start as soon as I pay or is there a start date?

Yep! As soon as you pay you will receive a link to join the private Facebook community and immediate access to the course! 

Starting a new business as a successful social media manager who brings in £2k,£5k, even £10k months is 100% possible for you too when you have the right roadmap and guidance to follow. There is an unprecedented opportunity in front of you right now with this course and my support. 

All you have to do is show up and            it!


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