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Welcome to The Social Girl Ltd. 

I'm Lucia and I was a freelance social media manager for over 10 years, charging £300 per client and barely making ends meet. 

When I fell pregnant, I knew I couldn't continue as a busy freelancer. I had no time, freedom and a pretty lousy income. So I made a decision to put my big girl pants on, and pivoted my freelancing into an agency when my first baby was just 3 months old. 

Less than a year later I'd made £100k and had hired a mighty little team of seven. 

My signature course Social Media Manager School has helped over 50+ SMM's quit their jobs, start earning £2k-£5k months and hire a small team so they earn money and still life their life however they wish. 

- Lucia xx

We've managed the socials and created content for profiles such as Lean with Lilly, Shreddy, Strng, Parla toothpaste, Bettina's Kitchen, Frst Place by Jordyn Woods, OceanSaver + more. 

Achieving all of this whilst becoming a mother was a challenge, but only made me realise just how amazing us mama's are. 

It made me want to teach exactly how I did it to other SMM's who are struggling as a freelancer, or who don't want to have to work for someone else and want to set something up for themselves from home (or wherever in the world you have wifi!) 

It's SO achievable and SO fulfilling, but only if you structure your business right and don't end up overwhelmed and burnt out. 

 I especially want to help other mama's like me, earn money without having to miss out important milestones with their children. It's the most amazing career path if you want to earn uncapped income, learn something new every day AND still be able to spend time with your babies (or babies-to-be) 

My team + I work with some HUGE GLOBAL BRANDS, and manage PROFILES with over 1MIL followers and millions in revenue + i teach you exactly how you can too! 

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"So I signed 3 new clients this month. Since only implementing one of your strategies I'm now just £200 away from my monthly salary. Btw she found me through my content, from what you taught me!"

"I just want to say, thank you so much for all your guidance as my mentor. I've achieved another amazing milestone this week being published in the Liverpool Echo. Since working with you I've gained over 5k followers full of my ideal clients. Thank you so much again and I can't wait for what's to come!"

"4 weeks after investing in your course I've already earned my money back and an extra £1500, she signed £500 a month for 3 months!"

"Woo just signed another 2 clients from our clarity calls using the sales strategy you taught me!"

"Thank you for our amazing session tonight. Honestly, I could not rave about you more and how awesome you are. You have hugely inspired me to take action and I love the support and motivation you give us."

"I'm so inspired by your story, I'm at home with a 3 month old and I didn't want to go back to work. I'd never of done this if it wasn't for you."

I'm Lucia,

and I spent over a decade as a freelance social media manager, charging just £300 per month and struggling to make ends meet.

After a traumatic birth, I was in the hospital bed scrambling to get back to client DM's for a client that paid me what worked out as about £10 per month. 

That's when I knew something had to change, and that's when The Social Girl was born.

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